70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Scheldt

Rory will be traveling to Middelburg, Walcheren Island in the Netherlands at the end of October. He has been invited by the Mayor of the City of Middelburg to assist in a wreath-laying ceremony, honoring those who lost their lives in the Liberation of the City from Nazi Occupation, almost 70 years ago. Rory’s father commanded “A” Company of the 7th/9th Royal Scots and entered the city in eleven unarmed “Buffalo” troop transports over the flooded streets and fields and managed to secure the surrender of over 2000 Germans with only 140 men. Unfortunately, one of the Buffalos, named Snipe, hit a submerged mine and six men lost their lives. A recent work of art representing Snipe has been created to commemorate this event.

Rory is especially honored to represent his father and family, and more especially to meet some of the Royal Scot veterans who will be in attendance. Namely, Major Joe Lawler Brown (RS Retd.) whose brave recce the previous day showing the best route into the German garrison without doubt saved countless lives, and Jack Hall, who was the Company Runner and great assistant to Rory’s father.

Rory has written a short story of this event entitled “A Major Hoodwink” which can be purchased on amazon.com.