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27 Baby Elephants consigned to death

Zimbabwe’s Cash Strapped Elites do it again: By Peta Thornycroft in Harare and Aislinn Laing in Johannesburg 6:17PM BST 11 Jun 2015 Zimbabwe has angered wildlife activists by announcing it will export 27 captured young elephants to a vast safari park in China, in a bid to raise money for its cash-strapped conservation efforts at […]

Cats, Little Tigers – a Vietnamese delicacy?

I thought I had see it all – Chinese and Vietnamese decimating world’s rhinos, elephants, tigers and PANGOLINS – they can’t even leave domestic cats alone! Imagine sitting down and drooling over Felix? Agence France-Presse in Hanoi Wednesday 4 February 2015 09.56 EST Vietnamese authorities have buried thousands of seized cats – many believed to […]

Pangolins – it’s not only Ivory and Rhino Horn they are after…

Consider the lowly, tiny Pangolin – otherwise known as a Scaly Ant-Eater. Another of the world’s rarest creatures that has no known medical properties is being driven to extinction by demand from Chinese and Vietnamese users. I don’t think they will stop until they have savagely decimated all the world’s exotic creatures, bears; tigers; rhinos; […]