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Pangolins – it’s not only Ivory and Rhino Horn they are after…

Consider the lowly, tiny Pangolin – otherwise known as a Scaly Ant-Eater. Another of the world’s rarest creatures that has no known medical properties is being driven to extinction by demand from Chinese and Vietnamese users. I don’t think they will stop until they have savagely decimated all the world’s exotic creatures, bears; tigers; rhinos; […]

30 Baby elephants shipped to zoo’s in China

I am sure you will all be very disturbed to read the following press release about the fate of baby elephants being shipped from Zimbabwe to China – as they face an almost certain death sentence. You can read about how this illegal trade in wildlife and poaching started in the 1960s and 70s in […]

Release of Katambora Rising

Hello – Today marks the release of Katambora Rising on amazon.com web sites worldwide in both Print and Kindle versions. For my friends in the Netherlands, amazon.nl now offers Kindle version only. Katambora Rising – The Second Safari Chronicle, following on from The Sands of Katambora¬† advances Colin Somerset’s quest to conserve the wilderness and […]